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In 2019 the ETN conference was held in Haslach, Austria.
The Motto was ‘Garden of Eden’ thus linking a wide range of cultural and historical themes with questions of today.

The European Textile Network (ETN) is an international association founded in 1991 with the aim of promoting exchange between nations and strengthening European community spirit through the textile medium after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Every two years, a large international conference takes place in different countries at locations with a textile background.
From 28th until 31st July 2019 the 19th ETN-conference was held at the Textile Centre Haslach, a multifunctional place in the north of Austria, where museum, education and production meet under the roof of an old textile mill.

Every July the traditional linen weavers´ village Haslach is host to an international textile symposium, called Textile Kultur Haslach with many workshops, exhibitions and a weavers market. The 2019 ETN conference was embedded in this event.
The motto of the conference was ‘Garden of Eden’. Accompanying the ETN conference several textile exhibitions throughout the Region were shown. Visiting these exhibitions and traveling through our beautiful rural region the ‘Garden of Eden’ here in Haslach and surrounding area was waiting to be explored.

Garden of Eden...

A Garden of Eden is a place of longing - a place where people live in harmony with nature, cautiously using existing resources and living peacefully. It is an utopia, a garden full of lush plants, sweet fruits and exotic animals that provide food in abundance. Such a paradise nourishes our elemental desire for harmonious coexistence in the community while at the same time embodying the principle of exclusion. The notion contains a longing for something that is ever valid as well as the experience of transience and fragility of life.

The idea of the garden in Eden is thousands of years old and finds expression in various forms of human culture in ever new variants. Even textiles were and still are important carriers of this complex topic. As an inspiration, the garden of Eden theme offered material for interesting lectures, exhibitions and discussions.


Textile Kultur Haslach
Stahlmühle 4, A-4170 Haslach

Austrian Commission for UNESCO/Österreichische UNESCO-Kommission
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