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Dom Robert, in His Gardens

Sophie Guerin-Gasc, FR

From his youngest age, the tapestry designer and Benedictine monk, Dom Robert, had drawn the subjects and patterns of nature. And it was through this indefatigable drawing that he found his artistic vocation.
In a myriad of sketches, harvested from dozens of notepads, he created his own original pictorial universe, which was transcribed into tapestries very early in his monastic life, thanks to his encounter with Jean Lurçat in 1941.
Based on detailed observation of the plants and animals in nature surrounding him, he recomposed the world created by the hands of God. “This Nature so pure, so simple, which lies right under our feet, and to which we generally pay no attention”.

Thus, Dom Robert’s world depicts farm animals, horses and goats roaming freely, wild plants in meadows and pathside weeds, such as the umbels of wild carrot flowers, which seem to have held his attention at all times and seasons.
With his “prayer carpets”, was Dom Robert leaving the door to the promised Garden of Eden slightly ajar?
More Information: Musée Dom Robert, Sorèze, FR

Sophie Guérin Gasc, born in 1955, Architecte DPLG (1981) and of Cutural Heritage (1983), Doctorate in History of Art from the University Toulouse-Jean-Jaurès with her thesis Henri Guérin, Stained-glass Artist, born in 1929, His Ouvre in the XXth century.
Since 1995, she has been in charge of the Henri Guérin fund (1929-2009), since 2004, of the Dom Robert fund (1907-1997). As director of the Dom Robert Association, she was involved in the creation of the Dom Robert Museum and the tapestry of the twentieth century, and in 2009, she created and managed the Henri Guérin Association. After 2015 she is responsible for the collections of the Musée Dom Robert, integrated into the Abbaye-école de Sorèze, dans le Tarn, in France.

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